If you have a printer at home, you can download our PDF and print them yourself. Cards MUST BE printed on cardstock. Regular print paper will not make its way throught the US Postal Service. Alternatively, you can order cards online.


  • You will need 8.5"x11" (US Letter) card stock. **Regular printer paper is not sufficient for mailing a postcard**
  • Open the PDF and select 'print' from the file menu.
  • In the print dialog box, select "actual size" (do not scale)
  • Page size should be 8.5"x11" or US Letter
  • Since the card is two sided, you must print the front, flip your paper and then print the back.
  • Instead of "Pages All" set "pages to print" to page 1 ** Note: if you have 2-sided printing capabilities, set pages to print to "all, select print on both sides of paper" and "flip on long edge"
  • Select "print"
  • Flip the paper over and feed it back into the printer
  • In the print dialog box, make sure "actual size" is still selected and page size is still 8.5"x11"
  • Set "pages to print" to page 2
  • Select "print"
  • Trim postcard to size (4”x6”) using the crop marks

Need Stamps? Order stamps from USPS .